Recently, I wrote about the roles of women in the society and how we idolize them for imperative roles that they participate in the lives of each and everyone from procreation and delightful carrying out the roles of being teachers, caregivers, advisers and a lot more as well as drivers. One of my acquaintances challenged me questioning the vital roles and responsibilities that men play in our lives. Does it mean they are less significant in the society? Are there effort and presence not acknowledged in society as it is needed? Down-graded?

On the contrary, today I dare challenge the conviction that some gender roles are more important than others. I consider both roles are equal and beneficial to the society. They all play a critical role in our lives from when we are infants till when we are all grown. The presence of a father figure somehow is related to how we interact with other people of different sex and life in general.

Some of the important roles include:-

Pro-creation. We all know that men are as important as women in their role of giving life. Without men, there would never be children in the first place. They are fundamental in this role. People will argue about other means that aid in the creation of life such as IUI, IVF and Surrogacy can be used but the reality is that a male species contributed in one way or the other.

Providers. Men play the role in the provision of the needs of the family and the society at large. They toil and labor enthusiastically to ensuring that there is the sustenance of the family and the survival. Some men try to avoid these responsibilities by being deadbeat fathers who run after impregnating women. All hats off to all the fathers who take personal responsibilities in taking care of their families.

Protector. Provision of security is vital to the family. Usually, since time memorial, this role was from the male in the family, starting with the father and then passed on to the son in the family. They ensure the safety of the family and protect them from any harm.

Behaviors. It is researched and confirmed that there is a propensity of the children either daughters or son to go astray if the father is absent in their day to day nurturing. Usually, the sons tend to deviate from normal behaviors and will tend to engage in criminal activities while the ladies tend to be attracted to older men as fiances or lovers since they crave for the love they missed from their fathers.

Role models and mentors. They go out of their way to be the best and teach us only the best. They teach the sons on the acceptable standards of being a man in society. To be strong and always protecting the family while they teach the ladies on what they should expect from any man and how to be treated as the queens they are.

Teacher: From a tender age our fathers help us learn a lot of things including learning how to talk, walk, ride a bike, and so many more. Home being the first school every child goes through; when the father is present they ensure to teach on the basics of life.

Advisers and consultant. Usually, fathers offer the best pieces of advice out of the experience that they have gone through life. They offer logical advice and counseling in all matters, they know a little about a lot. If only you can ask them and hear what they will tell you.

How to treat a lady. The men learn how to treat women from observing the behaviors of their fathers from a tender age. They learn that some actions such as beating and battering are not acceptable in the society. The lady learns what to expect and how to be treated by men. They usually expect kindness, respect, love, tenderness and gentleness.

Leadership/ head of the home. As the leader of the home, fathers teach the sons on being the head of the home, to provide security, take his position in case he grows old or die. This way has seen even in the current world we live in most men have taken so many leadership roles. The numbers of women in leadership positions and women of influence have significantly increased in the different parts of the world.

Encourager. Have you ever felt like giving up and then spoke to your father on the issue? You feel angry in the first place on why you were giving up and discouraged. They give us the reason to hold on more in every situation. They are our strength and comfort. They are our Fathers on earth, a divine role given to them by the Almighty.

For those who never had the chance to see their fathers, those whose fathers died at a tender age or those whose fathers died when older. My condolences and May they Rest in Peace and never feel discouraged in life.

For the fathers who are still alive but never want to take responsibility and neglect their children, I wish they could realize how much they are missing from the joy of life and being present at the lives of their children. I want to also celebrate the women taking the role of fathers for the good work they do.

Today, I also want to thank and remember my Dad in heaven, he was my strength, comforter and I loved him so much. May his soul Rest in Peace.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn


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