My heart today is in unanimity with the have nots, the poor of this world. Those suffering with lack of basic needs, daily essentials the agony, misery and stress they face. I believe that most of you can relate with this, either through own experiences or what you see everyday.

Food is a very vital part of our livelihood. The pains of seeing your children sleep hungry, and waking up to nothing. Have you heard about a woman who boiled stones for her children? What kind of desperation could have caused this? She supposedly was boiling the stones so that the children could fall asleep as they pass the time believing she is cooking for them.

Lack of this basic necessities has caused many to become criminals, stealing in order to sustain their daily lives and also those they depend on. This in turn becomes a habit that they cannot run away from. We all know of the consequences thereof, incarceration or even death in case of shootouts or mob justice.

We have seen people living in the makeshift houses in different parts of Kenya. Recently with this COVID- 19 Pandemic, more than 7000 people houses were demolished in Kariobangi, Kenya rendering them homeless with nowhere to go. They slept outside with no help accorded to them. All this in the whole vision of the government, what kind of ignorance must this be?

The children of the underprivileged usually suffer due to lack of school fees and some of them are lucky to get food from the schools they attend to especially the public schools. Usually the parents or the caregivers are under pressure to provide for food, the least of all. Most of them pray to God that they could at least finish school and try and fend for themselves.

The parents try different things to make the ends meet for example simple business such as selling sweets or being employed in lowly positions such as cleaning. They struggle day in day out to fend for their families and provide for the fundamental needs and good education.

Imagine leaving in a makeshift house then boom, the natural disaster such as floods, landslides and other natural disaster appear. Where will anyone without not to mention the least of the basic needs run to? The government? It will fall in deaf ears. It is heartrending indeed.

Things are never easy for the have nots, only God sustains them. They don’t have people who laid a foundation for them they have only themselves to back them up.  They have to work hard, prove and have Faith that something good and great can come out of them.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

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