STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: Have you ever thought of what a woman can do?

Have you ever wondered how women can do multiple activities with ease? Various times the world views women as frail and very delicate and think that they are not capable of handling tough situations. This actually is wrong how many times have we seen women work in male dominated professions? This indicates that what a man can do a woman can do better. This is not just an allegory or aphorism, it is actually factual.

Look at our mothers, the effort they make to nurture us and make sure we grow up healthy and strong. The sacrifices they make so that we mature up having it all notwithstanding being either underprivileged or affluent. They give a part of themselves to us in every step of the way.

From procreation, they append each one of us in the society, they teach us morals required while we are still young, they feed, teach us how to stride, utter and converse. They take the roles of teachers; instructing us from a young age, maids/ housekeeper; cleaning our mess, healthcare providers and nurses ensuring we are healthy, police; protecting us from any form of danger, cooks/chef; cooking and feeding us well, drivers; taking us to school and everywhere we need to go, Counselors; advising us on what we should and should not do and more.

Who would do all this at once? The stress and pressure is unbearable but our mothers take it to heart, they love us unconditionally without complaining and always expecting the best. Even when some are single mothers or widowers they still manage to take care of us. Can you imagine a woman left with no other option but boiling stones for the children to feed? What kind of desperation could cause a mother to go to such an extent?

Women are taking part in leadership and other male dominated positions now and are doing better than men. For instance, during this period of COVID- 19, women led countries are seen to be able to handle the situation well with lower cases for example; Germany (Angela Merkel), Finland (Sanna Marin), Denmark (Mette Frederiksen), Iceland( Katrin Jakobsdottir) , Taiwan( Tsai lng-wen), Norway ( Erna Solberg),  and New Zealand(Jacinda Ardern). They took the best approaches from January, 2020 taking paramount measures that were very effective.

Today, women are taking careers that were dominated by male such as engineering and many others, we can see women becoming mechanics and pilots, medical fields, and businesses related field. More and more women are becoming daring and excelling in their crafts well.

I believe that women can do better in many other roles and they should not be taken for granted and/ or ignored. The pace is moving fast, more and more women are becoming more enlightened, educated and believing in themselves.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

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