Have you ever gone to a restaurant or hotel and wondered how the staff are happy and you are impressed by the service offered or the vise versa? Do you know the services offered most times depends on your attitude towards the server and how polite you are? This statement by Muhammad Ali ; ” I don’t trust anyone who’s nice to me and rude to the waiter, because they would treat me the same if I were in the same position”, explains the importance of courtesy.

Never in my life have I ever thought I would work in the hotel industry. I have learnt that never say never, things come your way and you have no choice .When I came to Dubai I had big dreams of getting a job related to my course but things turned out differently. I ended up as a waitress/ server because of my beautiful smile and my ability to learn fast.

As a waitress/ server I have learnt valuable lessons that have both in positive and negative effects in my life. For example:-

  1. Customer service, I learned to give exceptional service to people with different status, age and race. Being welcoming and warm. Gaining people skills on how to interact with people of different personality and ability to handle customer needs and complains.
  2. Sales, I gained skills in up selling, cross-selling items and ensuring higher personal sales and general sales.
  3. A smile goes along way, I learned to leave personal life at home and ensure to come to work happy and with amazing mood since this spread to those you encounter with.
  4. Ability to interact with multiracial and multicultural people with ease and ability to interrelate with fellow colleagues and customers.
  5. Ability to work under pressure, multitasking and being supportive. Working as waitress sometimes can be stressful you might have a lot of guests at the same time and they all need your attention,
  6. Hard work works and it pays, being the most hardworking person in the room is always noticeable, this can be recognized by either promotions or rewards. For example, I was recently promoted to Supervisor due to my work input.
  7. I learned to respect and give fair treatment to all in the same way. From the CEO to the Steward, since we are all human and always appreciate gentleness from others.
  8. No taking work home, this is the best part of it. Once you are done with your shift, that’s it. No need to carry stress and depression home, unless you want to.
  9. Generous tips, this happens sometimes when you have kind guests who appreciate your effort and the service.
  10. Meeting with a lot of people and learning new stuff. Interacting with people from different parts of the world, you learn a lot of things you never know and different cultures and beliefs.
  11.  Supportive organization enhances personal growth with the constant training on different subjects.

Despite of the positive there are also some disadvantages such as the following:-

  1. Interacting with rude, impolite and impatient customers. Annoying, complaining and demanding guests with very bad attitude makes your day horrible and miserable. They make you feel drained and depressed.
  2. Frustration and stress from work due to pressure throughout the day, interacting with difficult, complaining customers, interacting with maybe rude colleagues.
  3. Tired at the end of the day due standing all day, moving around when on duty and having one day off, which is not enough for what you need to do and rest.
  4. Plastic and pretence, you have to pretend you are okay even if you are not, smile always even if plastic and not to be rude even if you are tempted to be because customer is always right.
  5. No tips sometimes especially if you have stingy guests and maybe don’t like a thing or two about you even if you are unaware.
  6. Language barrier, since you are interacting with people from all over the world, some don’t understand English yet they need services.

When you walk into a restaurant learn to be kind and incorporate the words”please” and “thank you”. Know that the servers are human too, with emotions just as yourself.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn


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