My superman,
No man can explain your strength,
Strong, tough and mighty,
You were there in each and every step of the way,

A smile never left your face,
Kind, loving and understanding,
Your stories, one could stay the whole time listening,
You treated everyone equally and gentle in your words,

You braved disease that caused you agony,
Through the pain you smiled coyly,
Endured sleepless nights of pain,
Tormenting enough to cause you despair,
You woke up everyday hoping for the best,

You envisioned a life free of pain,
Healthy, wealthy and happy,
You wanted to enjoy this life,
I could see, I could feel when we talked,

But God loved you more,
He took away the pain,
Suffering, agony and the affliction,
He wanted you to take a rest,
To take all your burden,

You are still and always will be in my heart and mind,
My heart is still heavy with sadness,
I still can’t believe you are gone,
Hope to see you again,
To see you smile and hear you laugh,

Daddy, my strength and pillar,
May your soul Rest in Peace,
Till we meet again.
I love you.

In the memory of my late dad Stephen Gitahi Njau. We loved you but God loved you more.

To all those who have lost loved one, always be strong and know there are in a better place.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

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