COVID 19- The Bad and the Good

In the past two to three months we have had a monster that had been a source of grief and near collapse of worldwide economies. Corona Virus well known as COVID-19 has caused devastating effects all over the world in both the developed and developing countries. Everyone is wondering when will this ever come to an end and how will the world be?

This virus is known to have originated from the wet market that sold live animals in Wuhan, China, and the analysis of the genetic sequence of the virus is believed to have come from the bat family. Contrary reports explain that the virus could have been transmitted by a lab intern who went to the Wuhan Wet market and the spread started thereon.

Drastic changes have happened in the last two to three months that have led to frustration and devastation in all sectors, from the governments to the households. The whole world is on a standstill. What we hold so dear and treasure doesn’t make sense anymore.

The world was not ready for the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 including, overwhelmed hospitals suffering from lack of space and ventilators for the people being admitted as seen in some countries such as Italy,Spain and America, the demise of loved ones, Lock downs in most countries, closure of businesses and organizations, massive loss of jobs, layoffs and unpaid leaves and also salary cuts.People abroad either working or studying are stuck due to a halt in airlines operations.

Those staying at home are in distress, agony and misery due to lack of basic needs such as; rent, the food stored is totally consumed this causes frustration and anger. Could this lead to criminal activities with people resolving to steal and vandalize supermarkets? The developing countries are even worse, people are questioning whether they should die at home starving or die of the viral disease?

Photo by Gustavo Fring on measuring body temperature

There are a lot of negative effects caused by COVID-19, but despite it all, there are positive effects and major lessons that we are learning during this period. There are as follows;-

  1. We have learned on the importance of taking care of our lives because it is so fragile, it can disappear in a snap of a finger.
  2. Quality healthcare equals a healthy economy.
  3. Family members have become closer now, they have realize the crucial role of this basic unit of society and that they care of welfare of each other.
  4. Hand-wash, Sanitizer, quarantine and masks have become the most used vocabulary that was neglected. Everyone have learned the importance of hygiene and have adapted it as the new norm.
  5. People have turned to be more religious than ever. We can see people praying, singing songs of praise from their balconies all over the world. God should have mercy on us.
  6. Climatic changes, we can now see clearer clouds due to closed industries that emit smoke and chemicals on the ozone layer. Could this mean end of global warming?
  7. At this period, there is no difference between the rich and the poor, the young and the old, black or white, the virus affects everyone. These shows that we are all equal.
  8. The true heroes are all those that we take for granted in our day to day life; the doctors, the nurses, the grocery workers, service workers, teachers, the restaurant staff, police, parcel deliverer and many others.
  9. We live in an interconnected world, Globalization. We have learned the importance of sharing crucial and critical information.
  10. We can live virtually. We can work from home, do shopping, learn from home and more.
  11. Small actions can make a major difference. Activities such social distancing and staying home have led to reduction in transmission of the virus.
  12. We can now enjoy the silence and serenity of nature. we can hear birds chirping, wind blowing, fresh air and the leaves shaking.
  13. Animals feel the same when we keep them in a zoo as we are feeling in quarantine. We can see animals in the streets now, they are free to do as they wish.

From the above we can learn a lot more that the suffering we are going through now. We should put this measures for the future or any other pandemic will wipe out the face of the earth.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on sanitizing a phone

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

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