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Have you ever wondered why you never lose weight no matter what you do? This has been my case for a long time. Am always stuck on what to should do to shade the extra pounds. But finally, I came to realize where I have always been doing wrong and decided to come up with some that have strategies that have worked really well for me, as follows:-

1. Diet

This is the most crucial part of it all. You should always consume what you can burn by exercise and have calories deficit. If you have a surplus in calories this automatically means storage of excess fat in the tissues. Portion your calories, consume what the body needs only. People have been saying carbs such as rice is bad but rice is good, it is a source of carbohydrate and therefore, energy. Eating a lot and not portioning it enough for the body is what makes it dangerous. Advice:Eat what you want but mind about the calories you intake.

2. Regular exercise

Running every single day and skipping have really worked well for me. This two have been a major part of my cardio exercises and have shown very amazing result. I also incorporate other exercises including leg ups, sit ups, burpees, plank, push ups and barbells and dam bells. But different exercises work well with other people what matters most is CONSISTENCY. Make it a habit to exercise and keep fit then you will see real result. My exercises are also so intensive. I have a timetable that I religiously follow.

3. Mind what you drink

I drink a lot of water to hydrate my body and drain the toxins. This helps me stay fresh and feel rivatilized. Water is known to be calorie-free and can help surpres appetite when drunk before eating.

Before going to bed i drink green tea with lemon, ginger and mint also to enhance the flavor. Each component of the drink is proven to have benefits that are vital to the body. Green tea has catechins which is antioxidant that help burn fats and increase metabolism.Both lemon and ginger are known for their healthy properties such as they act as detoxifying agents, boost immunity, improve digestion and skin, suppress appetite and reduce water retention and therefore increase fat loss.

Also i use the lemon, mint and cucumber mix which has been frozen at night, early in the morning before eating anything else for breakfast. I try to avoid soda and juices.

4. Good amount of sleep

I make sure that i have 6-8 hours of sleep to help repair my body on the wear and tear of body tissues. This ensures that I wake up pain free and fresh. Lack of enough sleep causes the production of leptin and ghelin which are hunger producing hormone, this makes one to overeat. The body also becomes stressed and increases production of cortisol hormone from the brain this in turn increases craving for food as well.

5. Intermittent fasting

Personally, I prefer drinking coffee in the morning and taking my meals in the afternoon and during the day, while in the evening from 7 PM I drink lots of water and green tea and sometimes just a small portion of food. This enables my body to digest and use the calories in the body and therefore no surplus calories left. This enables my body to get all the nutrients you need for it to be functional.

Please note, the meals that you intake should be balanced, in that it has all the vitamins needed for the body. In addition, sometimes the mind is tricked that you will be hungry and will store the extra fats for future use when hunger strikes.

6. Have a partner

Have someone whom you work out with and both of you are consistent or rather let someone you are answerable to, know that you will be consistently working out. This is one way of getting the motivation even when you feel tired.

This is what i have used as the part of my weight lose journey. Different people use different strategies that work well for them. You can borrow from this and also make a plan. Consistency is all that matters to get results.

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

3 thoughts on “Health and Fitness

  1. Great content Carolyne , consistency is always the key.. I started my three week challenge 8 days ago, I have been consistent and for sure it’s working wonders.

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  2. It has been hard for me to lose weight,but i think if i follow this routine,maybe it will be easy for me…thenx carolyne for the good advice

    Liked by 2 people

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