CWG was founded by Carolyne Gitahi, a woman with ambitions and believes in the better tomorrow and she aspires to spread the knowledge and ideas that she believes in using whatever little she has experienced.  She looks forward to inspire people by her blogs, to bring life and enlightenment.

She is also eager to learn as she interacts with people. She believes that everyone has something to share and is more knowledgeable if you just give the person the chance.

Blogging will therefore, give her a chance to share with the world on “All that matters”. We have different things that affect our wellbeing and they matter no matter what, this includes:-

  • Health, wellness and Fitness

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince”. A HEALTHY BODY= A HEALTHY MIND.

  • Inspiration and Encouragement

This is the food for the soul, mind and body. Whenever you feel like giving up reading something uplifting makes your days better and gives the energy to move on.

  • General Knowledge

This goes with whatever guides her every day, “Know a little about a lot” with this no one can be able to defeat your mind with tomfoolery and you will also navigate life easily.

  • Writing

From the stories of her life to the encounters of everyday life. Poems, books and summary of self development books.

  • Nature

“Chose only one master-Nature” Rembrandt. When we take care of nature. It takes care of us.

She is looking forward to connect to all age audience; other bloggers and mentors who will help her grow and can share ideas, knowledge and experiences. She wants to be among the most sort bloggers and to be able to meet with others

Published by Carolyne Gitahi

Live, Love and Learn

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